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Top Five Support Figs (Marvel, under 40 points)

5.)Moon Knight(E,V)- This fig has to be on anyones fav supporter list. I however, was torn on which one to put. I love willpower, and I love incapacitate, so that much is easy. I do also love free movement and super strength. I think I've like the Vet more in 300+, and the Exp in below.

4.)Hand Ninja(V)-something about a stealthed range eight attacker with the ability to boost adjacent units attack is just very sexy. Being a ninja doesn't hurt either. When you realize it's all for 16 points, suddenly it seems kinda broken. Here's the secret...it is.

3.)Avalanche(V)- Pulse wave? Check. Barrier? Check. Ranged 8 attack? Check. Free movement? Check. All for an unbelievably low price of 32 points! Say what you will about his low attack numbers, but this piece is a very good supporter. He's about the cheapest pulse wave you're going to find, and makes a whore-bomb strategy all the more deadly. Dominic Petros and his army of whores, funny thought really.

2.)Taskmaster(R)- I loves me some b/c/f with 11 attack value. I loves it even more when it costs 39 points and is a wildcard. He's also got a range of six and he's a stealther, he can do no wrong. Even if he's not standing on a gumball machine, he's still got 16 def with es/d and that ain't bad. Admittedly, he's not the most pushable guy around, but on that first click he's a fierce combatant and some of the best cheap b/c/f in the game.

1.)Mandroid Armor(R)-What can I say? I love a good fastball special. What does that the best? Oh yeah, he does. That's 29! 29 points with telekinesis! "Hi Batman. This is Ulik, have you met?" He's also got the nifty shield team ability, so when he's not fastballing he can boost your rangers damage quite nicely. Let's see, what else do I like about this piece? Well, it has armor in the name, and that's totally fuckin' hot! That, and any friend/associate of Nick Fury is a friend/associate of mine.
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