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Galactus Thoughts...

That is one fucking big clix.

With that obvious statement out of the way, I decided I just put up my random thoughts about the big guy and his dials.

All versions of this guy are insane. 600, 1200, 1800..mighty hefty price tags for the beast..but still the stats attached are crazy. I won't go into all the numbers as they can be looked up very easily. But I will talk about the Mighty Galactus who has 21 Defense with Impervious that cannot be Outwitted and is for 6 clix of health is a little fucking crazy. Not to mention 8 Damage for the dial with Psychic Blast and Exploit Weakness with a 16 Attack Value. 20 Movement with 16 range and 3 ranged attacks also is icing on the cake.

Let's put this into perspective. 9 attack value only hits on 12. Thanos and his mighty 15 still has to roll a 6, which isn't a bad roll..but still that's only 1 damage.

I really hope that it doesn't come down to Hooker bombs to deal with this guy, although he does have Pulse wave which would just crush all those whores anyways.

Am I still buying him.
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