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I'm all about 18 defense with defend

Monday, April 24, 2006

8:55AM - Inifnity Challenge & Xplosion

I have recently had less time to play heroclix, and I'm in the process of selling some of my better pieces on EBay. Some of the figures include: from infinity challenge: cyclops veteran #084, and wolverine veteran #075. from xplosion: Gambit veteran #072, Ironman Experienced #077

My collection of x-men can be found at:

I also have some pieces retired from tournament play as well. If interested please check my other auctions. Thank you

Saturday, November 12, 2005

11:23PM - This place needs some updating!

So who is psyched about Armor Wars? I know I am. COME ON WOLVERINE!!! lol just kidding.

Monday, October 18, 2004

5:06PM - Super Rares?

I love this new super rare concept that wizkids has decided to implement. Now tournament frequenting so-and-so's can't brag about their rare clix that can only be obtained through said tournaments or bought online for obscene prices. Does anyone else love this le in a box idea as much as I?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

6:32PM - Who Would Win?

I've run through it a few times in my head, and I still can't come up with an answer that doesn't end in pounding a fifth of Jagermeister. Who would win in a race: A ostrich bathed in cheetah blood, or a cyberneticly enhanced Lance Armstrong?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

3:26PM - Masterpiece?!!!

I just wanted to see if anyone's still in this forum. If so, I wanted to know what everyone thinks of this new masterpiece concept they have going.

Friday, June 18, 2004

9:06PM - Least Favorite Piece to Play Against

Everyone's got that one fig. The one that, once seen opposite the field, boils ones blood. Oh, the hate. Oh, the hate.

Talk amongst yourselves...

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Sunday, June 6, 2004

5:10PM - I'm running a pre-release for Ultimates

Well, if your in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area, stop by Gamers Lair http://www.gamerslair.com/ on June 19 and get first crack at the new Ultimates Heroclix set

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

12:52PM - Shaft!? You Damn Right!

I wanted to take a little time to address the subject of the new set. There's been a lot of complaints filed, and I kinda have a few of my own, in truth.

Colossus - Since when is six damage from five squares away a shaft? While not extraordinarily different from his Xplosion counterpart, he does have a few major differences. Impervious, people? Extra click of charge, and defensive numbers that are not only higher, but spike after he looses invulnerability? Not important I guess. Another key fact to take into account is the fact that he's one of four clix in this set that can do a straight six damage(Capt. Britain, Hulk, and Exp. Wrecker). Let's not forget a superior TA that makes his more consistent attack numbers all the higher. It's not that they didn't make him good enough, it's that other characters were made just a little too strong.

Hawkeye - I understand what they were probably going for with the three damage and rce. I have two explanations. One being that in the Ultimates comics he uses a compact nuke arrow(which is a bullshit concept) to take down Colossus(who I guess failed his Impervious roll). The problem with this is that he only did it once. Putting it like this on a click mean that he's got as many compact nuke arrows as he likes, which is just not right. The second explanation is that they wanted him to be able to do a triple attack for a click of damage each, but wanted him to be able to do more than three damage overall. Look, he's a dude with a bow. His appeal as a character does not stem from his being as powerful as Thor, so let's not deface the character by pretending he is.Finally,he's also pretty undercosted, and with his TA and such, he's probably the most abusable click of the set.

Doc Ock - Now, being the huge fanboy of him that I am, I'm kinda let down. Primarily because of the lack of either Willpower or ES/D on this clix. In fact, he gets no defensive powers. The shame in that is that I believe the good doctor to be the greatest example of a piece that should get willpower. Think about it. Everyone else needs to actually exert themselves to do something, but not Otto! He just needs to think, which when you're a super genius isn't a daunting task. As much as I love the front loaded outwit, I'm not sure about it. I think that power should be a bit more reserved due to its game-breaking capacity. The fact that they gave it to him I suppose I understand, but how is it they gave both the Punisher and Mysterio more outwit than one of the most intelligent people in the marvel u? Still love the sculpt, I'll still play him, but I've got my reserves on the piece itself. Also, what's with the 3,4,5 rarity for such a mediocre piece?

Why does everyone and their brother get six clicks of health this set? Marvel Girl, Storm, Punisher, Mysterio, Hawkeye, Black Widow, BEAST, etc...
Are they just not trying to distinguish who's got more endurance anymore? Last I checked, Beast takes a hit a little bit better than Storm.

In closing: If you're an X-man not named Wolverine or Colossus, you've got six clicks of health, Bigger fanbase equals more powerful click, and Anaconda is man I tells ya.

Oh, and rock out like cock out. - Rick

Saturday, May 22, 2004

6:16AM - Ultimates Summary

Here are my quick thoughts on each clix in the set. First the REV's..

Cut due to length.Collapse )

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

6:02PM - The Day Kingdom Came

Yeah, today was probably my best day of pulling ever. I pulled veteran cyborg, which I'm all about, and a veteran Doctor fate. SO FATE COMMANDS!!!! Five packs, two uniques, one helluva day. I pulled a KC Wonder Woman, which wasn't bad at all. It correlated to much better once I traded it to a friend for KC Batman. Side note: I don't give a crap if he has poor defensive numbers(shock and awe), he's just easily the coolest Bat-sculpt to date. Isn't that what this game's all about? Oh, and I pulled that one guy...what's his name? I think it's KC Superman or something? Yeah, that was fucking spectacular! Two uniques in one day, each of them being full of KC ridiculousness...I'm...just...loving life right now.

Current mood: WooooHoooo!!

Monday, April 12, 2004

4:16PM - The Rule of Three

When Universe comes out, a new rule will be in place: The Rule of Three. Basically, it's a rule that states that you may modify any one value a max of +3/-3. That means whore bombs will, from now on, have a slight damper on them. They are also making it so that you CAN use perplex/enhancement and the such with such powers as ranged combat expert and close combat expert, but only so that the total increase is 3.

I'm not quite sure what to think of this rule yet, at least until I get to play a few games with it. Guess I'll just have to wait it out.

Current mood: hopeful

Thursday, April 1, 2004

12:37PM - 01.IV.03 - unleashed day

4 packs. How sad, but it was really exciting when the guy who was working there "Guy Kemp" brought it to our attention without asking. So RJ and I split the cost of the 4 and proceeded to rip them open inside of the store.

Needless to say, they were pretty crappy. Only one REALLY good piece with Vet Green Lantern going to m'good friend RJ. He loves that Hal Jordan.

Me? I got a Scarecrow Rookie, Cheshire Exp, Maxima Rookie, and Queen Bee Exp. So I got some of the smaller REV's I wanted. I'm happy we even got any..this Friday hopefully they will restock and get their shipments in. Then there will be more than just 4 packs.

Current mood: awake

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

5:46PM - Ohhhh Munky!

Unleashed is tomorrow! It's the most munky-riffic set yet! Shaggy Man, Ultra Humanite, and Braniac's chimp should fortify the DC munky patrol quite well.

Current mood: Hyped

Thursday, March 18, 2004


wowupdate - new community about world of warcraft is getting organized by one participant of beta test. Join and let's make it happen.

Soon to be: updates/news, screens, discussions, etc. ...

ps: sorry if I disturbed you, I was just intending to inform you of one of your community interest

3:11PM - Best/Worst Moment in a Heroclix Game

Best: Mind controlled Ulik with Mad Hatter to use charge with a heavy object on experienced Firelord. So much for his 18 defense...

Worst: Someone pushing vet Abbey Chase to attack Hulk w/ guns, while he has invulnerablilty and stealthed by his wild card team ability (no outwitting that invulnerability), simply because he couldn't think of anything else to do with her, to hit critical for 1 lousy clik of damage to put him into his toughness.

Current mood: tired

2:36PM - 17 defense? What a bust.

Sometimes, I just want to grab some of the people at HCRealms.com and just smack them. The classic line...

"All I need to do is outwit and then I'll hit him with two big figs and it's over for him"

This can be applied to any fucking clix. With the exception of Silver Surfer LE and Galactus.

To me the game is all about just using clix you like, the comic book characters you know and love. They don't have to have 12 attack with 18 defense and 3+ damage to be playable. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT THEY REPRESENT THE ACTUAL CHARACTER. Mr. Bones for example was the sneak peek yesterday and all I heard was 8 attack that sucks for 80 points, I could just use Rookie Aquaman and Exp. Deathstroke. It's true that would work, but who wants to use the same ol' bullshit strategy. Here's a "good" team.. Nightcrawler, Rookie Black Panther, Firelord, Amazo, and 4x Exp. Con Artists.

I'll use my Veteran Iron Man, I love that whiskey chugging man. Black Manta..stay away from the Fountain of Doom bitch. Red Skull. I like that piece a lot. I got my ass handed to me many times because of his poisonious touch and 8 range because of his special nazi handgun.

The KC Superman is a monster, I feel he is worth his points and just because he doesn't have 18 defense or front stacked HSS, doesn't mean he won't just own the board if he is used.

Current mood: aggravated

Sunday, March 14, 2004

3:08AM - Galactus Thoughts...

That is one fucking big clix.

With that obvious statement out of the way, I decided I just put up my random thoughts about the big guy and his dials.

All versions of this guy are insane. 600, 1200, 1800..mighty hefty price tags for the beast..but still the stats attached are crazy. I won't go into all the numbers as they can be looked up very easily. But I will talk about the Mighty Galactus who has 21 Defense with Impervious that cannot be Outwitted and is for 6 clix of health is a little fucking crazy. Not to mention 8 Damage for the dial with Psychic Blast and Exploit Weakness with a 16 Attack Value. 20 Movement with 16 range and 3 ranged attacks also is icing on the cake.

Let's put this into perspective. 9 attack value only hits on 12. Thanos and his mighty 15 still has to roll a 6, which isn't a bad roll..but still that's only 1 damage.

I really hope that it doesn't come down to Hooker bombs to deal with this guy, although he does have Pulse wave which would just crush all those whores anyways.

Am I still buying him.

Current mood: curious

12:19AM - Ultra Humanite vs. Gorilla Grodd

Munkey showdown! Who would you think would win in a fight? We don't know about in the realm of clix(yet), but who's your pick for supreme D.C. munkey man?

Current mood: Wacky

Friday, March 12, 2004

7:03PM - Top Five Support Figs (Marvel, under 40 points)

5.)Moon Knight(E,V)- This fig has to be on anyones fav supporter list. I however, was torn on which one to put. I love willpower, and I love incapacitate, so that much is easy. I do also love free movement and super strength. I think I've like the Vet more in 300+, and the Exp in below.

4.)Hand Ninja(V)-something about a stealthed range eight attacker with the ability to boost adjacent units attack is just very sexy. Being a ninja doesn't hurt either. When you realize it's all for 16 points, suddenly it seems kinda broken. Here's the secret...it is.

3.)Avalanche(V)- Pulse wave? Check. Barrier? Check. Ranged 8 attack? Check. Free movement? Check. All for an unbelievably low price of 32 points! Say what you will about his low attack numbers, but this piece is a very good supporter. He's about the cheapest pulse wave you're going to find, and makes a whore-bomb strategy all the more deadly. Dominic Petros and his army of whores, funny thought really.

2.)Taskmaster(R)- I loves me some b/c/f with 11 attack value. I loves it even more when it costs 39 points and is a wildcard. He's also got a range of six and he's a stealther, he can do no wrong. Even if he's not standing on a gumball machine, he's still got 16 def with es/d and that ain't bad. Admittedly, he's not the most pushable guy around, but on that first click he's a fierce combatant and some of the best cheap b/c/f in the game.

1.)Mandroid Armor(R)-What can I say? I love a good fastball special. What does that the best? Oh yeah, he does. That's 29! 29 points with telekinesis! "Hi Batman. This is Ulik, have you met?" He's also got the nifty shield team ability, so when he's not fastballing he can boost your rangers damage quite nicely. Let's see, what else do I like about this piece? Well, it has armor in the name, and that's totally fuckin' hot! That, and any friend/associate of Nick Fury is a friend/associate of mine.

Current mood: Spunky

Sunday, March 7, 2004

7:34AM - Top Five Super Powers (Pre-Unleashed)

5.)Incapacitate- Guess what? My 35 point piece just made your 150 point piece incapable of acting next turn. He's also a sitting duck for my big guns that will clear next turn.

4.)Leadership- 3 actions are better than two, 4 better than three, and so on. Having an extra attack so an opponent can't run his piece back to a medic is a valuable commodity. Also, it is key for positioning.

3.)Energy Shield/Deflection- 2 extra defense against ranged attacks(a highly used attack method) can be very, very helpful. The difference between having to roll a seven an having to roll a nine is much greater than it first appears. I also enjoy this power due to the seemingly low point cost that goes with giving it to a fig.

2.)Perplex- Versatility is the name of the game, and perplex does it pretty damn well. Also, it stacks which is nice. "Okay, and that attack will deal nine clicks of damage. Oh, your fig's dead? I had no idea." It's also a free action, so your figures can take turns beefing up one another's damage, or attack if need be.

1.)Defend-Hey, all my figs have 18 defense. Oh, and some of them have 20 defense against ranged attacks. This power is a fine example of the core philosophy of heroclix playing: I an opponent can't hurt your figs, they can't win. With 18-20 defense, unless your opponent has a primed Thanos, they're going to have a helluva time hitting you.

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