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Top Five Super Powers (Pre-Unleashed)

5.)Incapacitate- Guess what? My 35 point piece just made your 150 point piece incapable of acting next turn. He's also a sitting duck for my big guns that will clear next turn.

4.)Leadership- 3 actions are better than two, 4 better than three, and so on. Having an extra attack so an opponent can't run his piece back to a medic is a valuable commodity. Also, it is key for positioning.

3.)Energy Shield/Deflection- 2 extra defense against ranged attacks(a highly used attack method) can be very, very helpful. The difference between having to roll a seven an having to roll a nine is much greater than it first appears. I also enjoy this power due to the seemingly low point cost that goes with giving it to a fig.

2.)Perplex- Versatility is the name of the game, and perplex does it pretty damn well. Also, it stacks which is nice. "Okay, and that attack will deal nine clicks of damage. Oh, your fig's dead? I had no idea." It's also a free action, so your figures can take turns beefing up one another's damage, or attack if need be.

1.)Defend-Hey, all my figs have 18 defense. Oh, and some of them have 20 defense against ranged attacks. This power is a fine example of the core philosophy of heroclix playing: I an opponent can't hurt your figs, they can't win. With 18-20 defense, unless your opponent has a primed Thanos, they're going to have a helluva time hitting you.
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