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17 defense? What a bust.

Sometimes, I just want to grab some of the people at and just smack them. The classic line...

"All I need to do is outwit and then I'll hit him with two big figs and it's over for him"

This can be applied to any fucking clix. With the exception of Silver Surfer LE and Galactus.

To me the game is all about just using clix you like, the comic book characters you know and love. They don't have to have 12 attack with 18 defense and 3+ damage to be playable. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT THEY REPRESENT THE ACTUAL CHARACTER. Mr. Bones for example was the sneak peek yesterday and all I heard was 8 attack that sucks for 80 points, I could just use Rookie Aquaman and Exp. Deathstroke. It's true that would work, but who wants to use the same ol' bullshit strategy. Here's a "good" team.. Nightcrawler, Rookie Black Panther, Firelord, Amazo, and 4x Exp. Con Artists.

I'll use my Veteran Iron Man, I love that whiskey chugging man. Black Manta..stay away from the Fountain of Doom bitch. Red Skull. I like that piece a lot. I got my ass handed to me many times because of his poisonious touch and 8 range because of his special nazi handgun.

The KC Superman is a monster, I feel he is worth his points and just because he doesn't have 18 defense or front stacked HSS, doesn't mean he won't just own the board if he is used.
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