RJ (super_pastey) wrote in dickswithclix,

Shaft!? You Damn Right!

I wanted to take a little time to address the subject of the new set. There's been a lot of complaints filed, and I kinda have a few of my own, in truth.

Colossus - Since when is six damage from five squares away a shaft? While not extraordinarily different from his Xplosion counterpart, he does have a few major differences. Impervious, people? Extra click of charge, and defensive numbers that are not only higher, but spike after he looses invulnerability? Not important I guess. Another key fact to take into account is the fact that he's one of four clix in this set that can do a straight six damage(Capt. Britain, Hulk, and Exp. Wrecker). Let's not forget a superior TA that makes his more consistent attack numbers all the higher. It's not that they didn't make him good enough, it's that other characters were made just a little too strong.

Hawkeye - I understand what they were probably going for with the three damage and rce. I have two explanations. One being that in the Ultimates comics he uses a compact nuke arrow(which is a bullshit concept) to take down Colossus(who I guess failed his Impervious roll). The problem with this is that he only did it once. Putting it like this on a click mean that he's got as many compact nuke arrows as he likes, which is just not right. The second explanation is that they wanted him to be able to do a triple attack for a click of damage each, but wanted him to be able to do more than three damage overall. Look, he's a dude with a bow. His appeal as a character does not stem from his being as powerful as Thor, so let's not deface the character by pretending he is.Finally,he's also pretty undercosted, and with his TA and such, he's probably the most abusable click of the set.

Doc Ock - Now, being the huge fanboy of him that I am, I'm kinda let down. Primarily because of the lack of either Willpower or ES/D on this clix. In fact, he gets no defensive powers. The shame in that is that I believe the good doctor to be the greatest example of a piece that should get willpower. Think about it. Everyone else needs to actually exert themselves to do something, but not Otto! He just needs to think, which when you're a super genius isn't a daunting task. As much as I love the front loaded outwit, I'm not sure about it. I think that power should be a bit more reserved due to its game-breaking capacity. The fact that they gave it to him I suppose I understand, but how is it they gave both the Punisher and Mysterio more outwit than one of the most intelligent people in the marvel u? Still love the sculpt, I'll still play him, but I've got my reserves on the piece itself. Also, what's with the 3,4,5 rarity for such a mediocre piece?

Why does everyone and their brother get six clicks of health this set? Marvel Girl, Storm, Punisher, Mysterio, Hawkeye, Black Widow, BEAST, etc...
Are they just not trying to distinguish who's got more endurance anymore? Last I checked, Beast takes a hit a little bit better than Storm.

In closing: If you're an X-man not named Wolverine or Colossus, you've got six clicks of health, Bigger fanbase equals more powerful click, and Anaconda is man I tells ya.

Oh, and rock out like cock out. - Rick
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